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davpum1.jpg (46507 bytes)PUMP 1 #2000

It's been 13 years since T invented PUMP 1. He didn't set out to sell balloon pumps. It all started one summer when T and Merianne were ballooning for tips at Seattle Center. The audience loved the balloons and the money was good.

There were just a couple of problems. Merianne couldn't blow up balloons at all and T discovered the meaning of "hitting the wall," (in this case it was three weeks of blowing 5 gross of balloons a day by mouth.)

In self defense T assembled some bits and pieces gleaned from the local Coast to Coast and, there on the picnic table at the campsite, created the first PUMP 1.

It made all the difference in the ability to mass produce balloon sculptures and have fun doing it. We were immediately inspired to give customers multi-balloon hats and animals on leashes. They, in turn, were inspired to give bigger tips.

Soon other balloonists were asking where they could get the pump. What started as the finest one-stroke manual pump for long, skinny balloons has become the symbol of the serious professional - "The Rolls Royce of Balloon Pumps." It has been continually improved and refined. PUMP 1 is a professional tool that will pay for itself in one day's work, increase your marketability, and make ballooning more fun for you and your customer. Do yourself a favor and step up to PUMP 1.

PUMP 1 weighs fourteen and one-half pounds and stands 32" high. It is made of white PVC plastic with a black lacquered wood base and handle. It comes with a squeeze bottle of lubricant, a nozzle wrench and instructions. See page 18 for the Pump Tote,

Guaranteed for 5 years. (We'll fix it for free, you pay shipping.)


PUMP 1 EMERGENCY KIT #2001 pumpo1kit

This handy dandy kit contains everything you need to repair or maintain your PUMP 1. Never leave home without it.

Contents: replacement O-ring, spare nozzle, Break-Free lubricant.

PUMP toteTOTE #2002

Attach this tote strap to your PUMP 1, sling it over your shoulder, and have two hands left over! This could mean only one trip between car and job site. Just think of it! Less time schlepping - more time pumping, creating memories, getting laughs, making people happy, making big bucks.

PUMPO #2010

Are you a beginning balloonist? A part-timer? A pro who needs a lightweight, efficient tool for the occasional big job? PUMPO is the perfect tool for you. It works exactly like PUMP 1. So why is it cheaper? We'll tell you -

PUMPO is made of "laminated wood fiber." That's techno-speak for very heavy duty cardboard. This special tubing is wound just for us.

It's strong. T can lay the pump on its side and stand on its middle.

The PUMPO is as efficient as the PUMP 1. We replaced the old valve and gasket assembly with PVC parts like the Pump 1.

The new base is a solid piece of plastic. It does not break.

As always, PUMPO has a padded vinyl hand cushion on top, a removable plastic base and a gloss white surface. It's 32" tall and weighs less than 6 pounds. It comes with a bottle of lubricant and instructions.

Guaranteed for two years (We'll fix it for free, you pay shipping.)




PUMPO KIT with .21 Gasket #2011

Keep your pump in tip-top shape, get a quick fix in an emergency, sleep better at night. This is the cheapest insurance policy on the planet. Kit contains: nozzle, the latest and best O-ring, and a squeeze bottle of Break-Free.


Pre Sept.1993 PUMPO KIT with .25 Gasket #2018

BAGGO #2012 baggo

These great carrying bags are made of 10 ounce cotton with cotton webbing straps. Heavy cardboard ring in bottom protects your PUMPO nozzle and comes out so you can toss the bag in the washing machine. Velcro closing protects your pump, frees your hands for carrying other stuff and comes in whatever color we have in stock at the moment.



With the Pump1 and Pumpo, slide the outer tube up 12 to 18 inches. Hold the balloon on the nozzle and push down on the top of the outer tube. Your weight compresses the air and forces it into the balloon.

One stroke will fill a 260 balloon. When the balloon is as full as you want, stop pushing down and take the balloon off the nozzle. Make a 2 inch bubble, hold the twist and let air out to give yourself plenty of nozzle to tie the knot.


T's self standing pumps give you a free hand to shape the balloon as it is inflated. You control the pressure and speed of inflation with one hand and shape the balloon with the other hand. It gives you plenty of control to make spirals and thin sections.

POGO 3.0S #2028

pogoThe S stands for spring. We had springs custom made to replace the short lived latex return system. It's better than ever. The top tube is PVC white and the leg and base are wood.

This pump quietly fills a long, skinny balloon in two strokes. It is easy to pick up and carry for walk around balloon workers. It automatically springs back up after each stroke.

Push down pumps like T's PUMPO, PUMP 1 AND POGO 3.0S let you use your weight to power the pump. If you stand less than 5' 4" or weigh less than 110 pounds the POGO 3.0S will be the easiest of these pumps for you to use.

Instructions for customizing this pump to your height are included. There is no kit for the POGO.0S. You might get an extra nozzle for an emergency. The suggested Lubricant is #90 weight gear oil, used sparingly and available at auto parts stores.

Fully guaranteed for 1 year. We fix for free, you pay shipping.






The Pogo's with a black top or a white PVC top can be upgraded. The Pogo with a blue top cannot be upgraded. Call for an Return Authorization # before you send your Pogo in.


POGO 3.0 KIT #2021.3 - Surgical tubing, O-ring, Nozzle, Tees

POGO 2.1 KIT #2021 - Surgical tubing, O-ring, nozzle, golf tees (don't ask) and a squeeze bottle of Break-Free.





Here's a great little bag to keep your PoGo clean, protect the nozzle and sling over your shoulder. It has a cardboard nozzle protector that comes out for cleaning.



PUMP T #2060 Improved!




Jim makes this in our shop, one piece at a time. It starts out as PVC pipe but by the time Jim is finished it looks like a piece of art. The push rod is metal. The nozzle is the same as the Pogo 3.0S. This pump only weighs 1 pound and completely inflates a 260 in 2 + strokes. This is a very nice hand pump. A tool like this makes you look more professional. 1 year guarantee. We fix for free, you pay shipping.

260 BLASTER #2044


Finally, a good, inexpensive, plastic, 2-way hand pump. I like it so much I had my 800# embossed on the side but you have to look close to notice it. This pump is hard to break and it works great. You can take it apart for cleaning and lubrication. It is very Orange, Green and Yellow. Really bright Orange - Buy a couple for your car emergency kit to direct traffic. Really, you are going to like this pump. It even comes with an extra larger nozzle that fits the 350 balloons.

130 BLASTER #2041


This is the same kind of pump but smaller. The basketball type needle works for the 130 balloons. The needle comes stuck inside the pump with its short end sticking out. It is possible to inflate a 260 but the nozzle is not good for the 260 and it takes a lot of pumps. It is a very fine pump for the 130's.

130 Blaster Replacement Needle #2048



This is the purple, dual action, hand pump by Qualatex.

It is 2 1/4" wide and 13 3/8" long. We suggest you use some plastic model glue or super glue to secure the nozzle/handle.



You squeeze it and a handful of air puffs into the balloon. Besides building up your forearms, it is pocket sized. It has a stepped nozzle that works with the 130 or the 260.


Battery powered pumps make inflating a 260 easy. Just push the button.

If I'm making balloon hats for a line of customers I'd rather have the Pump 1 or PumpO. The constant buzzing of an electric pump coming from my area would drive me bananas and limit conversation with the customer. Cranking out hats would heat up a battery pump and I'd have to slow down to let it cool. I'd be worried about running out of juice. But I am cranking out balloons. That's my style.

I test battery powered pumps by sitting in my living room and fully inflating and tying 260Q's one right after the other. As if I were getting ready to do a workshop. This is not a field test. This is about as hard as you could be on a battery powered pump.


buoyEd Rohr has put together a nice little rechargeable electric pump. The recharger is a separate piece that comes with the pump. He uses a name brand tool battery so they are safe. I sell extra batteries or you may find them locally.

The original Balloon Buoy is no longer available. What is available is the Balloon Buoy/ED. It is in the same padded case, the ED has a bigger battery and the pump casing is metal. It weighs 3/4 of a pound more but it pushes up to 70% more air and costs about 25% more. The ED model is better and it is worth .

The Balloon Buoy/ED comes in a padded pouch with a shoulder strap and a side pocket. It weighs 3.75 pounds and is fairly comfortable to use. The padded pouch helps muffle the medium, loud noise.

This is a great little walkaround tool. It could probably inflate 600 poodles during an afternoon with one battery. It inflates about 220 full 260Q's in about 45 minutes before the battery needed a recharge. During the test the compressor got hot and I had to slow down. The battery can be fully recharged in an hour. It is very light, tough and reliable.

Ed sold his first model, the Balloon Buoy, for over 3 years and they built up a good reputation. When he offered the improved Balloon Buoy/ED everyone opted to buy the improved model. Ed has stopped making the original Balloon Buoy but parts and service are still available.

14 Day money back, 1 year defect warranty.

Since the battery charges in an hour, an extra battery can keep you working all day.

Buoy/ED extra battery #2073


The plastic nozzles on T's pumps are threaded. They are easy to replace.

The easiest way to break the nozzle? Stand the pump in the back of a van or truck and drive around a corner real fast. The pump falls over. The nozzle hits the wall and breaks off. (A metal nozzle would tear your upholstery.)

The lesson - LAY THE PUMP ON ITS SIDE when you travel.


"O" RINGS also called 'gasket'



PUMPO - After Sept. '93

 2016 - Loose Fit

PUMPO - Before Sept. '93

2016/0 - Tight Fit

POGO 3.0


POGO 2 or 2.1


Original POGO





plasticnozPUMP 1, PUMPO - Nozzle #2050

POGO 2, 2.1, 3.0 &PUMP T - Nozzle #2051

wrenchWRENCH for Plastic Nozzle - Wrench #2052


oripogonozORIGINAL POGO Nozzle #2053

smnozBASKETBALL or TIRE PUMP Nozzle #2054




PUMP 1, PUMP T & POGO 3.0 Nozzle #2056


breakfreeBREAK-FREE Break-Free is the perfect lubricant for your T Myers pump. We give you a bottle with your new pump. That's how much we like it. If you need more, just holler.

4 oz. squeeze bottle #2057

2/3 oz. squeeze bottle #2058